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AQUIMISA is a Laboratory for Analysis and Technical Consultancy to provide Food Assistance Services and Quality Control for all industries, regardless of their design and activity

The idea for this comes Laboratory initiative of a group of skilled professionals, experts in different subjects: Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Chemistry and Agricultural Engineering, with extensive experience and knowledge of more advanced techniques, national and international legislation in force and a high level of training through seminars and courses organized by different public and private agencies in order to better understand and analyze the adjustment to the new rules of the European Union, aimed at unification in different countries, enabling improvement in Quality Management and Competitiveness and the knowledge of our European environment in the various branches of our industry.

  • In September 1994, AQUIMISA S.L. was born.
  • On 07 of July 2000, ENAC Accreditation according to UNE 45001.
  • In February 2001, AQUIMISA expands, acquisition of new facilities.
  • On 10 May 2002, ENAC Accreditation according to the UNE EN ISO 17.025. In this year there were over 50,000 samples.
  • January 2003, Expansion of laboratory microbiological, serological analysis and sensory analysis (organoleptic). Aquimisa got the extension of accreditation in more than 60 determinations.
  • 2005, Aquimisa Center S.L. is opened in Madrid.
  • 2006, automation and connectivity to LIMS laboratory, analysis exceeded 1,000,000.
  • 2008, international expansion.